New Homes

From our first new home in 2002, John Marshall Custom Homes has built over 100 new homes ranging in size from 1,500 square feet to over 6,000 square feet.  All share a great attention to detail and offer great value to our customers.

In 2007 we made the commitment to certify all of our new homes under the ENERGY STAR program, and I’m proud to say that we have kept that commitment.  ENERGY STAR provides a recognized value to our customers in the form of increased efficiency and lower utility costs.

In 2009 we took another step forward and began construction on what was to become our first LEED certified home.  Built at 233 Catawba Avenue in Davidson, this house was certified ‘GOLD’ in February of 2010, making it the first LEED-certified home in Davidson, and the first home in all of Mecklenburg County to be certified at the GOLD level or higher.  We’ve since completed over 25 homes under the LEED for Homes program.  We’re one of North Carolina’s leading buildings of LEED certified homes.

LEED certification is just the latest example of our commitment to building responsible homes that result in increased efficiency, health and durability for our customers, all at a lower cost.

Depending on the lot, we’re often able to utilize existing plans from leading architects for new homes, perhaps with some modification.  We also work with local architects who can come up with a house designed specifically for you.

If you’re thinking of a new home, give us a call.  We’d love to work with you in building your dream home!