Mecklenburg County’s Largest Home to Feature Wild Animal Park!

John Marshall Custom Homes has recently been awarded a contract to build what will be the largest private residence in Mecklenburg County.  Just shy of 30,000 square feet, this house will also feature two pools and a one acre wild animal park which will be available for use by the public for kids birthday parties.

“We’re typically not known for building homes of this size, ” said Rodney Graham, owner of John Marshall Custom Homes, “but the buyer was attracted to some property we own in downtown Davidson, as well as our commitment to green building (John Marshall Custom Homes is North Carolina’s leading private builder of LEED-certified homes).  We’re excited about the opportunity to build this beautiful home.”

The home (see a lifelike rendering in the attached photo) will be built on a 3 acre parcel on Delburg Street in downtown Davidson.  John Marshall Custom Homes had planned to build a 16 home pocket neighborhood on this site, but when the opportunity presented itself to build just one home of 30,000 square feet instead of 16 homes totaling 30,000 square feet, the decision was easy.  “It was really a no-brainer,” says Graham.  “With only 1 home, there is no cumbersome subdivision process to go through.  No public hearings, nothing.  Surprisingly, there is no difference between getting a permit to build a 30,000 square foot home or a 3,000 square foot home.”

Davidson’s Planning Manager Ben McCay explains that under Davidson’s Village Infill Ordinance the house is compliant with current laws.  “Our ordinance establishes a maximum house size based upon the size of the lot.  Since this lot is over 130,000 square feet in size, a 30,000 square foot house is compliant.  This home is a bit bigger than the adjacent homes, but we feel that with John Marshall Custom Home’s attention to detail and interest in historic architecture it won’t stick out.  Much.”

Plans for the wild animal park are still being developed, but most likely the park will be located on the back acre of the property, and will feature a live exhibit entitled “The Hapless Wildebeest.”  “We’ve all seen these ‘Animal Planet’ shows where a lion sneaks up on a herd of wildebeest, and there is always this one wildebeest that is sick or injured, and you know what’s going to happen to it.  This is a chance to witness the call of the wild in person, ” says Graham. “It will be a great birthday party opportunity for all ages.”

Construction on the home is expected to begin this summer.  It will be LEED certifed.

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