Active Adult Living in Davidson

What comes to mind when you hear the term “active adult?” For me, having grown up in Tucson, it’s visions of senior citizens zipping around on their golf carts to yet another programmed activity, or it’s a Del Webb community where everyone is, well, an active adult.

Active adult communities are great, and if you’re an active adult who wants to live solely around other active adults, the Davidson area offers a number of choices.

But what about adults who are active, but don’t necessarily want to live in a community that is restricted to other 55+ adults?  What type of housing is integrated into the overall community, but also provides opportunities for adults to be active?

The house we built on James Alexander Way in the heart of downtown Davidson is a perfect example of a home for an active adult (and I should know that this homeowner is pretty active: it’s my mother).   Here’s why:

This home is in a neighborhood with a variety of family structures.  Within a couple of blocks there are at least 20 elementary school age children, no doubt attracted to the area because of its proximity to Davidson Elementary School.  There’s nothing quite like kids to keep an active adult feeling young.  There are also singles, seniors and married couples of all ages that live close by.

The home is located in the pedestrian-friendly area of downtown Davidson.  It is classified as “very walkable” by as it is located within a five-minute walk of several restaurants, shops, parks and other community resources.  Click here to check out this home’s walk score with an interactive map.  When you can walk three minutes down a quiet neighborhood street and find yourself at the trailhead of a greenway, it’s easy to be active.

At 2,000 square feet, the home is just the right size for an active adult.  The first floor features wide hallways, door openings, master suite and a roll-in shower which will come in handy in later years.  The upstairs contains an office and two bedrooms for visitors.  The home is LEED-certified, and built so that minimal maintenance will be required over the years.

Outside, the yard provides plenty of opportunity to exercise the green thumb, but it’s small enough so that the active adult is not tied down to mowing and maintenance.  A back patio and spacious front porch are great spaces for the active adult to relax with a meal or a glass of wine.  A community garden and flower beds provide a place to relax and mingle with neighbors.

We only have one lot left on which to build another perfect home for the active adult.  Pricing is very competitive, especially given the location and the features of these homes compared to other houses in Davidson.  Contact us today.

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