Updating Davidson’s History

I was recently reading “One Town, Many Voices,” the excellent new history of Davidson written by Jan Blodgett and Ralph Levering, and came across a passage about Wayne Roberts.  Mr. Roberts was the longtime principal at Davidson Elementary School, and played an important role in the integration of that school.

What does John Marshall Custom Homes have to do with Wayne Roberts?  For years Mr. Roberts lived at 227 South Thompson Street in Davidson.  Mr. Robert’s neat ranch home came to be known as “The Roberts House” in Davidson.

In 2006 Mr. Roberts sold his house to a couple who had plans to renovate it.  For various reasons I can’t recall, those plans fell through, and the new owners of the house contacted me to see if I’d like to buy the house.  I did, and the result is one of the finest renovations in Davidson (credit is due to Michael Neff, architect).

[imagebrowser id=13]

As the photos show, the renovation transformed the house, yet maintained its character and distinctive presence in Davidson.  Great care was taken to ensure that the new home, while twice the size of the original, would not overpower its neighbors.

John Marshall Custom Homes is proud that we could help to preserve and improve upon a piece of Davidson history.


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