Live Longer With a LEED Home

I know that is a bold statement to make.  Living in a LEED-certified home does not guarantee that you’ll live to be 100, or even to the next day.  If that proverbial beer trucking comes heading at you, it won’t matter how green your home is.

But, all things being equal, living in a green-built home does result in improved health, and that improvement translates to a longer life.  The EPA estimates that in the past 20 years Americans are living on average about six months longer due to improved air quality.

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, and the place we spend the most time is in our home.  While we encourage you to get outside, the fact of the matter is that homeowners are typically inside to sleep, eat and bathe.

This video discusses ways that building a home to LEED standards results in healthier indoor air.  Enjoy.

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