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Updates on the construction of a LEED certified home.

Do It Again

Green building is about much more than the house itself. The location of the home is important, and using the home as a tool to educate the public about the benefits of green building is also critical. The process by which a home is built also determines whether a home can be considered ‘green.’ Site […]

Keeping Moisture at Bay

It’s pretty basic building science that moisture is not a good thing. The combination of wood and water can lead to not only structural issues, but health problems as well. Minimizing moisture is a key part of durability. The crawl space is only one part of the house where moisture is a concern, but it […]

Built to Last

Durability management is about as exciting as it sounds. I remember a few years ago I would always meet prospects on the front porch of a house and start to discuss all of the structural advantages of our homes. I could see their eyes glazing over with that ‘just show me the damn kitchen!’ look. […]

Can A Green Home Be Yellow?

Welcome to our blog, and to my very first post. I decided to create this blog as a way to track the construction of a ‘green home’ in Davidson, North Carolina. We have a model home, and in it there is a banner that says “Davidson’s Green Home Builder.” Of the three houses pictured, two […]