Happy 15th Birthday To Us!

John Marshall Custom Homes just celebrated our 15 year anniversary, which of course calls for a retrospective video complete with music. This call has been answered below.

After dipping our toes in the homebuilding waters back in 2002, we’ve grown to become one of the leading builders in the Lake Norman region. We built our first LEED certified home in 2009, and now have 19 LEED certified homes (with more on the way), more than any other private builder in North Carolina.

Along the way we’ve won several first place awards in the “Best of the Lake” design competition, and created two great infill neighborhoods in Davidson, the town we call home.

Best of all, since 2002 we’ve had dozens of excellent customers, many who have become friends. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a dedicated team of subcontractors and suppliers, many whom have been with us since the very first home.

Most importantly this business has allowed us to stay put in North Carolina and raise two wonderful children. Some years we’ve made a lot of money, and some years we lost a lot of money. But hopefully we’ve set an example to our children that hard work, honesty and integrity pays off and that there is value in doing something lasting.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. It’s been a great 15 years and while we don’t think we’ll be at this in 15 more years, we’re hoping to be around at least a few more.

Rodney and Melissa Graham
John Marshall Custom Homes



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