Churches in Davidson

There are several excellent places of worship in Davidson North Carolina, and two of our largest churches are within a five-minute walk of Carnegie Mews, our pocket neighborhood of custom homes in the heart of downtown Davidson.

Pictured here, the Davidson College Presbyterian Church is located just across the street from the Village Green.  The original church building was built in 1885 but demolished in 1950 to make way for the current structure which was completed in 1952.  The main chapel of Davidson College Presbyterian Church seats 1200.

Also close to Carnegie Mews is Davidson United Methodist Church, located on South Main Street at the corner of Walnut.  The congregation was initially formed in 1906, and the original church building was built in 1908.  This lovely structure, now known as the chapel, still stands on the other side of South Main Street from the present sanctuary.  Today over 1,200 people worship and attend Sunday School each week at Davidson United Methodist Church.

In addition to Davidson College Presbyterian and Davidson United Methodist Church, several other churches are located in Davidson North Carolina representing several denominations.  In addition to worship services, many of our churches offer educational opportunities, camps, and day care and pre-school centers.

Davidson College Presbyterian Church and Davidson United Methodist Church are just two community resources located within a five-minute walk of Carnegie Mews.  Check them out!

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